Future Growth

Aside from the Salt, Solar and Electricity opportunities for growth, there are already structures in place for projects that will invigorate the foundation of the country and create a solid trajectory for further development.

Infrastructure of Roads

Current components of roads in Ghana that are in the feasibility and detailed engineering and design phases of implementation:
• 777.7 km of roads in the Western Corridor
• 557.4 km of natural resource enclave roads
• 606.4 km of roads in the Eastern Corridor
• 379.4 km of roads in the Northern Corridor

Railways Network

Current components and phases and development stages of different regional railways in Ghana:
• Western Railway Line: 396 km; final feasibility report completed
• Eastern Railway Line: 329.5 km; in feasibility and design phase
• Central Railway Lines: 284.8 km; in feasibility and design phase
• Northern Extension Phase 1: 617.8 km; feasibility, design, EIA, Other pre-construction

Socio economic projects

• Water Supply Improvement: Feasibility, design, engineering
• New Regional hospitals: feasibility, design, engineering
• New Regional Airports: feasibility, design, engineering
• New Universities & Expansion at Existing Campuses


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