Trump’s Presidency & Investing In China

temp-post-imagePart of being a successful investor is being able to understand the implications of events that may or may not affect the industries and companies that you are investing in. The presidential election stands as one these events, no matter who the president-elect is, but this year’s election was particularly fascinating and caught some people off guard.

What does the presidency of Donald Trump mean for people? And more to you, the investor’s interests, how does the presidency of Donald Trump affect how you invest?

We as business people and fellow investors ourselves have given a lot of thought to these questions. While we can’t give any guarantees, we thought we would share what we think are the most important takeaways for investors as we move into the new presidency.

  • US Businesses will benefit from strong business relations in China. President-elect Trump, being a savvy business man, has interests in China as well, making it prudent for him to make doing business in China as accessible as possible.
  • Beleaguered American business owners will likely receive some relief. Mr. Trump understands the plight of the business owner and also understands that entrepreneurs create employment opportunities and will likely create policies to help those who have encountered the common road blocks of entrepreneurship.
  • As commercial real estate expands, developers will need high-quality business consulting. It is likely that we will see an increase in commercial real estate, on of Investigroup's areas of consulting expertise, and a demand for trustworthy consultant who can guide developers toward success.
  • We will likely see job growth and reform of business taxes. If US Corporations are allowed to repatriate and spend billions of dollars that they’ve been holding overseas due to high domestic rates, businesses and the economy stand to experience some significant benefits.

Though there are still questions to be answered as we move into this new era, and we are excited about expanding during this time of opportunity. If you are an accredited investor, and would like to invest in our company as we expand through the United States and into China, register on today to view our offering documents.



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