The Power Of Partnerships In Business


If you’re an investor considering investing in Investigroup, we think that it would be to your advantage to know who we’re working with as a part of our larger strategy to maximize the likelihood of our success.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce our partnership with SICC MCM of Cameroon. Our partnership allows us to work together on construction projects that include markets, shopping malls and apartment buildings. These projects will provide jobs and contribute to the local community and also allow us to:

  • Access more opportunities
  • Synergize with another team of experts
  • Help us be more plugged in to business knowledge in the local community while operating on an international scale
  • Support our overall strategy for growth and success
  • Create opportunities for future joint or allied funding of projects that create a mutually prosperous cycle that benefits all involved
  • Create a relationship of mutual advocacy in relation to decision-makers and other stake-holders



We will be switching to a new investing portal, but are still accepting investments on our current Investment Portal. You may view our offering documents and any other information regarding this investment opportunity here.


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