Philanthropy: What’s Good For The Community Is Good For Business


Over our years of experience, we’ve had the privilege of working with many different business owners all over the world. We also have the unique and exciting vantage point of originally being from another country, Ghana, and successfully built our business and constructed an amazing life in the United States. We know how important community and support systems are for the success of others. We also know that the more success is demonstrated - especially rooted in good values - the more the younger generations have to look up to and model.

We’ve talked about our values in recent articles; we truly believe that in order to be a good fit for an investor, the business’ values and investor’s values should be in alignment. If the world vision isn’t the same, if the priorities aren’t the same, there is likely to be a disconnect along the way and a fragmented business relationship is created.

That is not what we want. We want to work with investors who are just excited about improving the community as we are. It’s a different way of thinking about the bottom line that we know will eventually bring prosperity to all.

Last month, while we were in Ghana, we had the true honor and pleasure to contribute to the community with a donation to the Lilian Foundation, run by the first lady of Ghana Lilian Macqueen Djaba, to contribute to the building of ultra modern, clean toilet facilities for orphans. Clean toilet facilities means that there is less exposure to disease, health can be maintained more easily, making it easier for the children to receive their education and continue on their journey toward brighter futures. You can read the full article featured in here.

If you are an accredited investor who is ready to partner now with a company who values the communities in which they build and operate, we would love to partner with you. View our offering documents and more by visiting our funding portal.

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