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At Investigroup, we are a team of consultants who understand business strategy and investing. We know that investors have to be part analytical number-cruncher, part intuitive psychic, part adventurous and part faithful; in other words, we know that there’s a lot going on.

Last week we posted our thoughts on the top three things that we think investors should consider before executing on an investment, and this week we wanted to dive deep into market outlook which is a deeper aspect of the due diligence we previously highlighted. It might seem obvious to say it, but it’s such an important point that we don’t mind stating the obvious: if an industry or business isn’t growing, then it’s probably dying. It’s that simple.

If you’re ready to invest in Investigroup, and are still gathering your information, we would love to share with you what we see for our industry future as we position ourselves for growth. Investigroup is focused on serving small to medium sized businesses that are lower to middle income earners with plenty of room to expand, learn and grow.

The research that was executed by an independent third-party business consulting firm that we hired to create our offering documents finds that there is significant room for growth. Specific highlights include:

• 5.6% annual growth rate in our industry between 2011 and 2016

• Plunkett Research indicated last year that Global Consulting Industry revenues were projected to reach $470 Billion

• Consulting of all types continues to grow and generated $257.6 Billion in 2015 alone

These numbers indicate a strong future for anyone who feels drawn to invest in business consulting in the very near future. If you would like to learn more and view our official offering documents with cited and sourced research prepared for Investigroup by an independent third party, simply click here.

The market outlook and industry research is imperative, even with our sound strategy and vision. Learn more about the numbers, research and sources here.


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