Innovation And The Future Of The Business Industry


Last week, we shared our strategy that we use as business consultants with you knowing that as a potential investor, it’s important for you to be on the same page as the company that you invest in.

Strategy is certainly a component of growth, and so is a company’s vision. Vision is how a company is able to bring something to the world that was not there before, contributing innovation and adding to the industry instead of automatically falling in to status quo, and eventually irrelevance.

We know that accredited investors rely heavily on their vision for the future and what may or may not give you a healthy return on your investment. That’s why we’d like to continue our mission of getting on the same page and share our vision as a company with potential investors.

Our Vision For The Coming Years

Team, operations and systems: the culmination of these three components will unlock the limitless innovation by ensuring that team members are in positions that nurture and promote their core competencies, while operations and systems keep the user and team experience seamless and consistent both internally and externally.

Creating growth factories that nurture innovative ideas.

Our vision for growth factories is based on a four-component framework:

1. Blueprint: Details of innovation types that Investigroup is pursuing with clearly laid out goals and guidelines for achieving all objectives.

2. Production Systems: transforming the raw materials of innovation – ideas – into tangible new products and services.

3. Structure: Governance that empowers management to scale and deliver for maximum impact and growth.

4. Leadership, talent and culture: The right people in the right roles so that they can step fully into their core competencies and contribute to the bottom line powerfully, creatively and imaginatively.

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