How To Know If You Should Invest In A Business


No matter how advanced you are in your career as an investor (or hobby as the case might be), we know that every investment requires careful consideration. Though there are no guarantees as to whether or not an investment will yield a return, there are a few considerations that can help increase your chances of a successful investment.

Due Diligence

As an investor, do you have all of the resources that you need to perform due diligence on an investment prospect? Pro Forma, a comprehensive business plan, summaries and biographies of all key team members, graphics, previous raises or plans for raises in the future – all of these should be accessible to you if you are seriously considering investing in a company.

(You can find all of our offering documents here.)


If the leadership team is comprised of individuals who have a good track record, give you a feeling of trust, have a vision for the company that makes sense to you in terms of your values and what you feel really comfortable investing in, then there’s a good chance that the prospect you’re looking at is a good fit for you.

Leadership is in charge of strategy, organization, operations as well as another crucial component:

Vision For The Future

Even though we wrote about vision last week, we don’t feel like this point could ever be over delivered: Vision drives a company. Be sure that the company you are investing in has a leadership team comprised visionaries who are able to conceive, design and scale new venture for long-term success.

For instance, if you were going to invest in Investigroup now, you would learn through your research that:

  • We are highly skilled at spotting new opportunities, rich in potential, because of our commitment to really taking the time to understand the customer and the steps that are required to optimize their success.
  • We build structured processes that empower us to translate market insight into high-impact ideas quickly and rigorously.
  • We conceive and design new customer solutions, products and business models.
  • We optimize innovation portfolios and prioritize opportunities.
  • We are constantly testing and analyzing data to continuously optimize our practices and protocols.
  • We minimize uncertainty as much as possible through emergent strategies.

What else do you look for when investing in companies?

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