Expanding to Vacation Rental Markets in Ghana: Investing As We Expand Our Own Portfolio


As you may have heard, we had a very eventful summer that included acquiring assets in the hospitality business in Ghana. Investigroup is approaching these investments using an innovative new technology platform that has the potential to make these investments tremendously successful. Here are some of the highlights of why we decided to move into this lucrative market.

Global Tourism's Huge Growth Numbers

First, we want to share with you statistics on how healthy the tourism industry is, and why global hospitality investment is thriving. International tourism grew by 3.9 percent in 2016, with 1.3 million people traveling internationally for leisure. Tourism in Africa specifically increased by eight percent in 2016, which is a bigger leap than tourism to Europe, Asia, or the Pacific Islands. And the growth of tourism to Africa is moving faster than traditional hotel chains can keep up. The process of designing and opening a new traditional hotel can take five years. With tourism growing rapidly across African destinations, where will the new wave of tourists to Africa stay?

New Technology Rising To Fill the Need

What's happening is that new platforms like Airbnb are filling the void in hospitality in rapidly growing tourist regions like Accra, Ghana. Rather than booking a room at a hotel, many travelers are now seeking accommodations through sites like Airbnb, which allow them to find lodging owned by private owners and investors. Unlike a hotel, accommodations booked through Airbnb are often roomier, better equipped and less expensive than traditional hotels. All of this makes booking lodging through Airbnb extremely attractive to the new generation of travelers.

This is where Investigroup's new investment in Accra, Ghana comes in. Airbnb is simply a platform that manages the transactions between traveler and lodging owner. Therefore, all of the properties that travelers are renting through sites like Airbnb are owned by investors and homeowners, and these property owners reap the largest share of the booking price when travelers book their properties on Airbnb. Wouldn't you like to be the owner of a property that has constant demand and can be booked online by travelers from all over the world? This is why investing in Airbnb lodging in places like Accra, Ghana is a wonderful investment.

Investgroup's New Accra, Ghana Property

InvestiGroup is beginning our investment in Accra, Ghana with a property that you may view online on Airbnb. The property has three bedrooms, is WiFi equipped and is located with access to all of the most desirable tourist attractions in Accra. There are many reasons why tourists to the area will choose to stay here: from the additional space the home offers compared to a traditional hotel, to the privacy, to the travelers' ability to use the full house for meetings, meal preparation and relaxation.

Be Part of This Growth from the Beginning

Airbnb is changing the way that people travel, and Investigroup's expansion into this industry is a part of our own business strategy to grow our business while participating in local communities and giving back. If you are an accredited investor who would like to view our offering documents and learn more about how you can be a part of the Investigroup expansion, then please visit our funding portal, Castle Peak Finance.

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