Exciting News For Will-Be Investors: Regulation A Plus Opens The Door To Investors


The world of investments can be a daunting one to navigate; there are many different opportunities and terms that one could easily be overwhelmed by the myriad of options. That’s why we wanted to spend some time looking at one of the most exciting options in the investment world, one that has evolved out of the JOBS Act from 2012, which was an initiative created to bring the privileges that were once only available to the wealthy to the middle class in an attempt to close the widening gap between the middle and upper classes. This option is called Regulation A+.

Here’s the most exciting thing about Regulation A+: anyone can invest.

The days of Wall Street where only the wealthy can get a piece of the proverbial pie are over. It’s well-known among the already wealthy that true financial freedom cannot be achieved by being an employee, contributing to a 401k and hoping for a pension in retirement. At least not simply by being an employee alone. Times have changed drastically, which calls for changes in individual financial practices around building wealth and security for retirement.

The road to true financial freedom comes by being a business owner.

Now, we’re not saying that in order to achieve financial freedom, you have to go out and start a business - that’s not a path that is appropriate for everyone (though if you have a business idea, you can contact us and learn more about what it would take). However, you can become a business owner through the power of investing. When you invest in a business, it means that you have part ownership and that when the business does well, so do your finances.

Of course, the educated owner/investor will want to arm themselves with knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages that come with acting on the opportunity to be partial owner of a business. Even though you don’t have a direct hand in the day to day operations, it will be your job to thoroughly understand the business in which you’re investing. Next week, we’ll be going into specifics of what questions to ask before starting your investing journey with Regulation A+.

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